Teaching Overview

Currently, Iā€™m a lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas. I teach analog game development, rapid prototyping in digital game development, project management, and digital imaging. I am also a developer for the Narrative System Research Lab. This section of my website is designed to give you a view of my teaching and scholarship. You can view my CV, Teaching Philosophy, as well as peruse through my course materials. Sections include syllabi, assignments, student projects and evaluations.


Course Materials

This course provides introductory experience in analog game design and development. Students work in teams to create a number of analog games.

This course explores theory and practice of rapid prototyping for digital games by creating small agile prototypes in a short amount of time.

Project Management.jpeg

The goal of this class is to prepare students for basic management tasks they will encounter both in their studies and in entry level positions in creative fields.

This course integrates technical ability with visual communication as they relate to digital art and design.