push and pull 2015


Push and Pull is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer that uses a mechanic of pushing and pulling to solve puzzles and progress through the game.

Scope: 5 Level Game
Team Size: 30+
Development Time: 4 months (1/15 - 4/15)
Engine used: Unity


gameplay and video review

My Contribution

My role on this team was Lead Director. I spoke with my team as a whole and also made time to schedule one on ones with each section of my team. It was my job to both motivate and schedule my team to work towards this project. This team had only one semester to take our vertical slice and create a fully functional game.

  • Working with the concept art team, we designed the look and feel of the: levels, characters, and environments.
  •  By meeting weekly with the level designers, we were able to flesh out each of the levels as much as possible to enable players to reach a state of flow
  • Helped lead the programming team towards creating the games core mechanics.
  • Working with the producers, we assigned tasks to the team to ensure that we met ALPHA, BETA and GOLD deadlines.
  •  I was always on call. Always made it a point to create a clear and concise bridge of communication with my team

The game started off as a prototype created in game maker. It was then made into a vertical slice in Unity and pitched to my university for a collaborative game development course called 'Game Lab'. The game was chosen and granted a team of 30 students for further development. After 3 months of development the game was put on display at PAX south and Industry Giants in 2015.


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