gravity hero 2014-2016



“Gravity Hero” is an educational multiplayer Kinect game where players use their own gravitational pull to protect the Earth from asteroids.

Scope: Museum installation piece. 1 level of gameplay
Team Size: 6
Development Time: 2 years (1/14 - 4/16)
Engine used: Unity


my contribution

The game teaches players about gravity and how their height determines their gravitational pull.  Players step into the game space and use their gravitational pull to guide the asteroids away from Earth. The game went through a series of tests and trials for a selection process which eventually led to the games installation in The Perot Museum of Dallas.

The game was installed and displayed at The Perot Museum from January 2015 - December 2016.

My role in this game was that of a Systems Designer/Game Designer. I was in charge of the games mechanical design and made sure the facts behind the game were relevant to what was being taught through gameplay.

Interview with UTD