permission 2016


A 2.5D sidescrolling platformer which walks the player through the memories of a relationship between two individuals. Which ends with a proposal for marriage.

Scope: 18 Levels (small)
Team Size: 8
Development Time: 2 months
Engine Used: Unreal Engine 4
Music in the game was created and is owned by David Housden


01 g.gif

my contribution

Permission was designed, programmed and developed solely by me. Character models, animations, and a few in game sound effects were provided by my incredible peers whom are credited in the playable game. For the privacy of the individuals involved in the game, there is not a public download link for the game.

development process: Personalization of this game

This game was created as a proposal for marriage. The individual whom the game was designed for had little gaming experience and had only shown interest in 2D platformers in the past. Therefore, a 2.5D side scrolling game was chosen as a gameplay platform for this experience. 

The game consists of 18 small levels. This number is specific, because this is the individual's favorite number of all time which meant a lot to them. Each level contains the following: a fogged up portrait and a memory artifact. The player's goal is to collect the artifact, which unveils the portrait and displays a photo memory. Once the memory is revealed a portal spawns and the player can advance to the next level. Player's are essentially walking through a glorified photo album of these two individuals relationship and experiences shared together. 

On the last 2 levels, players take control of the person proposing. It is in these two levels that individual is getting the ring and then getting permission from the mother of the future fiancee. This verbal permission was incredibly important to the woman in the game.